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Our Brand

Have you ever felt depressed that you cannot find those lovely gifts in the stores near you? Or you have been paying premium prices for a subpar branded item. 

Hi, I'm Jerome and my wife beside me is Jane. Now don't worry because we are HERE to solve your problems. We call ourselves the bees, to dedicate our time and effort to find beautiful and unique gadgets or jewelry that you beewishers cannot find in the stores near you. And for those customers who seek greater value at an affordable price, we certainly help to remove any middleman by contacting directly with the suppliers or artisans. By doing so, we can reduce the price further and offer a competitive value for you only! Because you deserve them better! 

Our mission is to build a family brand that many can get interesting and useful items for the family at reasonable cost and provide the latest trends and news that you will be interested in. We offer 60 days 100% money back guarantee too!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us below or email us or just click the "Message Us Here" button below to talk to us. We will respond ASAP once we see your messages!