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Antique Handcraft Majestic Elephant Necklace + Earrings(Optional)

  • $21.95

$99.95 - NOW $21.95 Antique Handcraft Majestic Elephant Necklace 

This Antique Handcraft Majestic Elephant Necklace is designed exquisitely with resin and small bits of crystals on the bronze plated necklace, ending off with a handwoven chain that adds delicateness into it. Just like how elephants are delicate and cute animals, we make it in such a way that it feels like an elephant is embracing around your neck softly, taking care and enhancing your image. Walking around with this necklace will show your elegance and attract attention from other people. Pairing up with our earrings will make you look stunningly beautiful in wedding parties or casual dates. 


  • Chain Length: 44-46cm (16-18 inches). Pendant Size: 5cm. Please select necklace + earring set if you wish to purchase both. 
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