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Coin Eating Cat Money Box

  • $ 24.95

$24.95 - Coin Eating Cat Money Box

Why simply drop a coin into a jar when you can watch your mechanical pet pooch lap-up your savings? It is a fun way to teach young cat lovers the value of saving.

This adorable kitten can’t help herself when she sees her favorite food: delicious legal currency!

Place a coin in Celine’s dish and watch her bend down to excitedly chow down your change. Her head swivels, herbody gyrates, and her tail happily wags as she licks her dish clean, knocking your coin into the storage bank below. The door on the side of the bank allows you to easily retrieve your money when you’re ready to convert your cash to bones.

Perfect children's gift and can teach the importance of saving money.
Moreover, it is also a very good present to your friends!
Once filled, just remove the bottom stopper to allow easy access to the coins inside, so there is never any need to break the Box!  
Your baby will fall in love with this little cat, and gradually form the good habit of saving money.
Operated by 2 x AA batteries. (Not included)

  • Size: 4.72*3.93*3.54 inches/12*10*9cm

  • Weight: 0.88lb

  • Note: If the coin is not heavy enough you need to press down the "fish board"

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