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Cuddly Cat Series Pillow Covers

  • $14.99

$49.99 - NOW $14.99 Cuddly Cat Series Pillow Covers

This series of cat pillow covers will make you feel like cuddling them to your bed. 

The Snuggling Cat Pillow Cover is for those who love to hide deep in their blankets to keep themselves warm after a long day and sleep with their cats gleefully. 

The Handsome Italian Cat Pillow Cover reminds you of how mysterious and dazzling your cat can be even from afar. In your eyes, they are always the most dashing and prettiest.

The Mafia Cat Pillow Cover are those who don't like to be messed around just like their cats. You probably have incidents that your cat throws a tantrum by hitting your glass of water off the table or your remote control while you're watching television programme.

The Survival Cat Pillow Cover will always remind you to keep on fighting and hang in there in whatever you're doing, be it work, relationships or school. Just like a cat have nine lives to survive, humans... sadly only have one. Nonetheless, it's the amount of tries you do to persevere.


  • Size: 45cm x 45cm Or 17.7 x 17.7 inches. Only Pillow Cases, Pillows NOT INCLUDED!
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