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Stylish Pet Bow Tie For Cats & Dogs

  • $ 12.99

$19.99 - NOW $12.99 Stylish Pet Bow Tie For Cats & Dogs

Do you love your dog or cat? Then this stylish pet bow tie is just for YOU!

These Exquisitely Handmade Stylish Pet Bow Tie is designed to make your cat or dog look smarter, cuter and stylish! Made of 100% cotton, it's soft and will not cause any itchiness to your cat/dog. Comes with 6 different styles for you to choose!

Size: 26-31cm There's a Velcro at the back to adjust the size. 

We offer these Stylish Pet Bow Tie in the US as well as international countries with FREE SHIPPING! #MEOW #WOOF

Note: All orders are dispatched within 24 business hours. Deliveries take 7-15 business days and in rare cases 30+ business days.