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Wacky Cat Wiper Sticker

  • $ 14.99

$48.99 - NOW $12.99 Wacky Cat Wiper Sticker


These comical cat wiper stickers will make your cat playing with the moving tail wiper. As a cat lover, you probably have never seen your cat diligently help you clean your windscreen. It's easy to stick them on your windscreen and wiper and it's waterproof. Comes in 3 different styles - Annoying Tigger, Elated Toby, Grumpy Sam. 
  • Size: 25cm x 19 cm for the body & 29cm x 3cm for the tail (Annoying Tigger) / 25cm x 14 cm for the body & 26cm x 3cm for the tail (Elated Toby & Grumpy Sam)
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