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Wine Wall Art Canvas

  • $ 19.95

Love to drink wine? These art canvas will create a romantic ambiance while you and your partner can enjoy and appreciate wine even better!

Comes with 7 different sizes. 3 different designs. 

Note: There're only print canvases. No frame included. 

Printed high quality


size1:20x20cmx3pcs  =(8*8inch*3pcs)      

size2:30x30cmx3pcs  = (12*12inch*3pcs)

size3:40x40cmx3pcs  = (16*16inch*3pcs)
size4:50x50cmx3pcs  = (20*20inch*3pcs)
size5:60x60cmx3pcs  =  (24*24inch*3pcs)      
size6:70x70cmx3pcs  = (28*28inch*3pcs)      
size7:80x80cmx3pcs  = (32*32inch*3pcs)  
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